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No Duck Left Behind

Helping Abandoned and Distressed Waterfowl in Northern California

Welcome to all those who love and admire our fine feathered waterfowl - Ducks & Geese. DLA promotes responsible and proper care, raising and feeding of all waterfowl. We provide educational materials and programs for proper care, housing and feeding as well as adoption services for ducks and geese that are abandoned, endangered or just in need of a new home due to circumstances beyond their control.

  • DLA provides information on how to care for domestic waterfowl
  • DLA offers information and advise on building predator-proof housing
  • DLA has a first aid for waterfowl booklet that gives you important information when your duck or goose is in trouble or ill.
  • DLA is your local advocate for decreasing waterfowl abandonment.

We are always seeking quality foster homes for abandoned waterfowl. Click on the picture for more information.


Laurel and Hardy are going to a new home!


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